Welcome to Needham Grange, a medieval manor and the ancestral seat of the Needham family.  It overlooks Dovedale near Buxton in the Peak District.  This web-site is for those interested in Needham family history, Derbyshire history, Cheshire history and, indeed, English history, and there is a surprise about very early American history.  Today, Needham Grange is the home of Francis Needham and his family.

You can find Needham Grange on the map of Derbyshire below.

Click on Needham Grange to read about it and the early days of the Needham family, and to see images of it now and photos of Derbyshire. Burke's Peerage have published a summary of these notes in their e-newsletter, ATAVUS, Issue 2, March/April, 2003.

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                                                                                                                        John Sellers' map of Derbyshire, 1740

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